WordPress Plugin Ideas

How to Get Great WordPress Plugins Ideas

“All achievements, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea.” – Napoleon Hill

Finding a good idea play a vital role in crafting a good WordPress Plugin! It’s simple that without ideas, you cannot start your work. Some people believe that WP ideas naturally come in your mind, but what will happen if they do not go in time. Why don’t you make good ideas easier come in your mind with five methods below? With the steady background, make sure that you achieve superb ideas in WP Plugins creations.

What is a good WordPress Plugin Idea?

–    Being New but practical

–    Following the latest technology trend

–    Touching on customers’ needs

  • Real Experiences

Certainly, WP plugins should be generated basing on WP users who usually work with this platform. We mean following your real experiences; you might brainstorm some miracle WP plugins. Real experiences here can be the problem you have encountered, the lack functions in crafting your WP site.

I realize that I learn a lot from problem-solving with Developers. Sometimes we feel exhausted with too many issues we need to fix. Come on guys! Let’s think on the bright side. After all obstacles we know what we need, for instance, you are in a wish to customize more for your mega menu of the site, you hardly find the single WP plugins meet this need. And basing this essential factors, a new plugin for menu customization might come up to find the solution for this.

List of what’s called “Real Experiences”:

–    You are crafting a website basing on WordPress Themes

–    You intend to purchase some plugins which meet just coming needs

–    You cannot find any plugins which meet your needs

Such a good example!

For example, after I setup theme I need to create few pages i.e. home, about us, contact us, etc. So this is a repeating task whenever I develop a theme, so I was thinking to write a simple plugin where I can just enter the page names, and it will create automatically those pages. I guess it may reduce my development time.

  • Discussion

We mean in WP forums or social networks which show numerous questions relating to this featured platform. For instance” How to choose the right payment gateway” “How to Keep Your WordPress Site Safe from Hackers” Trust us, when you put your efforts to answer, your ideas naturally come up. There is no exception with WordPress Plugin ideas.

List of what’s called “Discussion”:

–    You are in WordPress Forums

–    You are in WordPress Developers Group

–    You join a fan page of WordPress

–    You are a supporter

Such a good Example!

Yolo WooCommerce Products Layouts WordPress Plugin was made with what YoloTheme customers have encountered. They wish to display products beautifully and differently, however, these sites did not support the display of WooCommerce. And that’s the inspiration for our developers to create the plugin.

Yolo WooCommerce Products Layouts Plugin
Yolo WooCommerce Products Layouts Plugin
  • Featured WordPress Plugins

Where can I get the ideas?

WordPress community will be a great destination to grab great ideas for WordPress Plugins. Following the need for users, most of WP plugin ideas are so useful for WordPress Users. Web Developers have not created theme yet, and why don’t start and keep the first position for them.

Why did customers fall in love with them?

When you see what other plugins can gain as big number of downloading times, praise and awards? There is a big motivation for you to move forward. You find the reasons Customers need from them through the review, comment and you completely make a new one with better functionalities.

List of What WordPress Plugins can achieve:

–    Award from WordPress Evaluators

–    Money for what the plugin made

–    Praise from customers and competitors

–    Favors from customers

Such a good example!

Let’s see what this Mega menu has gained: Good rating, tons of installers, precious comments for, etc.

Review for WordPress Plugins
Review for WordPress Plugins

And you tell yourself: You really can do that, why not? It’s the way to generate a miracle plugin idea.

  • Upgraded technology

None of WordPress users want to be left behind of the non-stop technology development. What are new in WordPress; immediately WP plugins creations are influenced. We must acknowledge what are new and what WP users need at this time. The following trend is always the best way to interact with your customers.

Such a good example!

The recent AMP project has appeared, and the Pagefrog plugin is created. Easily publish and manage your content directly from WordPress to Facebook Instant Articles and Google AMP Pages with support for ads and analytics.

Pagefrog WordPress Plugin
Pagefrog WordPress Plugin

List of what’s called “Updated technology”:

–    New Projects

–    New improvements in WordPress Platform

–    New WordPress versions

–    General trends of Technology

Here is a meaningful quote to encourage you for breakthrough ideas and be brave to turn them in real.

“New ideas pass through three periods:

1) It can’t be done.

2) It probably can be done, but it’s not worth doing.

3) I knew it was a good idea all along!”

Arthur C. Clarke

After all, we hope to see numbers of miracle WordPress plugins from you. We trust you can make different with a steady and great ideas at first. The ideas no longer is a wait for naturally come in mind, let it burst rapidly in your body.

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