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Seven Expected Mobile Design Trends 2017

People tend to solve daily tasks on their mobiles, has shown some facts around the increase of mobile users:

  • More than half the world now uses a smartphone;
  • Almost two-thirds of the world’s population now has a mobile phone;
  • More than half of the world’s web traffic now comes from mobile phones;
  • More than half of all mobile connections around the world are now ‘broadband’;
  • More than one in five of the world’s population shopped online in the past 30 days.

And the increase of mobile apps is the understandable issue. Users switch to better, faster and easier devices with better mobile apps. That’s the reason why designers must strive to create absolutely comprehensive and comfortable user experiences designs.

You have never been left behind with the list of expected Mobile Design Trends 2017.

  1. Hidden Navigation

Hidden Navigation which is a good trend in 2016, still works great in both web design and mobile design. But now it grows more with various type of hidden navigations. We note you three main navigation including Hamburger, Tab menu and Bottom menu.

As a good example, use Hamburger menu for the mobile interface which saves the screen space and increases the interaction with users.

Mobile design
Hidden navigation YoloTheme used
  1. Wearable Technology

Now any mobile apps you need to pay more attention to Wearable Technology compatible. In the coming years, these devices will become a part of our lives. And the adoption rate for wearable and smart watches is much higher today than ever before. Stunningly, the substantial evolution of the technology especially in the field of fitness sensors and sports oriented gadgets.

mobile design
Wearable Devices
  1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is what makes 2017’s Day! And Virtual Reality is a big evolution in the gaming apps area with complicated features. Now with the Virtual Reality devices, you can be easily connected with a smartphone to explore bright virtual worlds anywhere.

Basing on Virtual Reality, Pokemon Go released with Augmented Reality which is the booming effect in the mobile industry. And the augmented reality quickly became the new mobile UI trend and designers should follow this trend to create in time designs.

mobile design
Pokemon Go – Augmented Reality
  1. Gestures in Mobile App Design

The more gestures Mobile App deserve the more interactions with users are created. If the standard of some mobile gestures as scrolls, swipes, taps, double-taps, drag are familiar with users, there are more experiments with new gestures will be applied in 2017 which attracts more mobile users.

You can take the list of coming mobile gestures in this year.

mobile design
Gestures in Mobile
  1. The Influence of Web Design trends

Simplicity continues as a trend in both we design and mobile design. Consumers tend to be simple but functional designs which support them an easy way to use and create something different. We cover you three design trends here in 2017, and you will get more for visit the post of web design trends 2017.


Like in web designs, Minimalism is still trendy in 2017. Designers should reduce complicated features in designs and pay more attention to content on the mobile screen. Following the Minimalism, designers must create the good combination between usability and strong communication, which makes mobile apps more useful and more attractive to users.

Material Design

Material design still attracts customers a lot in this year. Material design allows in creating designs that simplify user engagement on various mobile platforms. You can find the design in some great examples Google Maps, YouTube, Google Drive, and so on which are compatible with both Android and iOS. Material designs are applied techniques like shadows, gradients, and other subtle 3D effects, rather than being completely flat.

mobile design
Material Design

Card Design

Instead of list design as in the past, now customers is more favorable in card design. Card Design is an effective tool for mobile-friendly websites which help to divide and properly place content on the website, and attract more traffic to the website.

mobile design
Card Design
  1. Touch ID

Touch ID, which is a popular method to unlock devices and keep it safe, now be popular in mobile apps. Here is a great way to keep the verification process be more interesting and safer. You can see lots of famous brands use this method in Mobile apps as Apple Pay, Amazon, eBay, Citibank, Dropbox etc.

  1. Movements – Animations & Videos used

“Anything that moves, catches eyes.”

When the mobile app moves, please let it beautiful as it is. Animation and videos are always a prime way to highlight something that you want to stand out. Products, freebies, a coupon that needs to be noticed, a category that arrived new, anything.

mobile design
Mobile Motions

Animated and motion-based design has been gaining popularity and will be in trend in 2017.  Hence, creating attractive motion for your design is a key to increase the interaction with users. As an effective way to improve UX, motion design becomes a new standard for representation of keynote elements. You can get the top motion design on mobile here.

You can get more motions in mobile designs here. The post shows you up to 14 motion design trends.

Wrap up

See the list of expected mobile trends 2017 we have hand-picked for you and please check with the half of this year passed, you will know how many percentages of these trends takes in real! For later designs, follow these trends might be the best advice.

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